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I am an Electrical Engineer and a Computer and Data Science enthusiast. I am curious and creative, and I am most motivated when innovating and trying out new things. I am driven by values, and I value human relationships. I learn best by doing and sharing.

I'm from Osorno, Chile. You can reach me at daquintanav@gmail.com.


Msc, Computer Science and Engineering (Expected)

  • Master in Innovation and Research in Informatics, with specialization in Data Science (MIRI-DS) at Universidad Politécnica de Catalunya (UPC), Barcelona.
  • From September 2019 to September 2021
  • Fully sponsored by a scholarship from the Chilean Commission for Scientific and Technological Research (Conicyt).

Big Data Diploma

  • A postgraduate Diploma (144 hrs) on Big Data at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (PUC), Santiago, Chile.
  • During the second half of 2017.

Bsc, Electrical Engineering

BSc in Electrical Engineering (Six years degree), with specialization in Power Systems at Universidad de la Frontera (UFRO) in Temuco, Chile,

  • Final grade 6.2 of 7.0
  • Final project on "Digital Substation: State of the art technologies and development of test modules using ABB devices"
  • From March 2008 to March 2016.

Academic Exchange

  • Academic exchange in the Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB) at Bochum (NRW), Germany.
  • Fully sponsored by a scholarship granted by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)
  • From August 2014 to August 2015.

Work Experience

Software and Data Engineer at CIAE, Universidad de Chile (Current position)

  • From November 2017 to September 2019 (~1.5 years).
  • Backend python developer and data engineer, with experience in public and private research projects related to education and social development.
  • Developed extensible python ETL pipelines for cleaning and validating data obtained from the public sector in Chile.
  • Participated as a teacher assistant in a training course on "Data Science and Public Analytics" for people of the Chilean Department of Social Development (English for Ministerio de Desarrollo Social)
  • Designed and developed a web application to manage visualizations related to the Public Education Sector in Chile, using Flask, Docker and create-react-app

Read more about the Advanced Education Research Center (english for Centro Avanzado de Investigación en Educación de la Universidad de Chile) in www.ciae.uchile.cl (spanish)

IT Consultant at AquaIntelligence

  • From July 2017 to October 2017 (~4 Months, part-time job)
  • Research on sensor technologies, Internet of Things and machine learning applications related to the aquaculture industry
  • Developed prototypes of database schemas
  • Government funded (CORFO Chile) startup project

Project Engineer at ABB Chile

  • From June 2015 to June 2017 (two years)
  • Substation Control, Protection and Automation Engineer in the Power Grids - Grid Automation division
  • Acted as a technical lead in +10 substation automation projects ranging from simple to mid complexity across Chile.
  • Develop project schedules under constraints, interacting with all the units involved.
  • Provided technical assistance to the Supply Chain and the Contract Management areas.
  • Acted as a technical specialist of the ABB's Digital Substations and IEC 61850 portfolio in Chile, supporting sales and performing as a speaker in conferences and training courses.
  • Led projects that required delegating tasks and managing small teams from other countries within ABB.
  • Speaker in the X Jornadas Técnicas ABB (X ABB Technical Conferences), about Digital Substations
  • Winner of the "most innovative project" at company level Hackathon held worlwide in ABB, using Arduino and ESP8266 microcontrollers

Read more about ABB in www.abb.cl

Tools, Skills and Programming Languages

  • I'm comfortable using Debian based Linux distros, and prefer using shell commands over GUIs built on top of them.
  • I'm proficient with Python 3. You can check my results from a PluralSight python assessment I took in 2017, which is on my StackOverflow profile. I've improved since then.
  • I have experience with packages like Flask, SQLAlchemy, Alembic, Click, pytest, pandas, numpy, scikit-learn, among others.
  • I'm fairly productive with git. You can check my results in the assesment available at my LinkedIn Profile.
  • I prefer using Docker, PostgreSQL and nginx in my personal projects.
  • I have little experience managing Azure VMs, and Amazon EC2 instances with docker-machine.
  • I have experience (and I like) teaching.

Human languages

  • Spanish (Native)
  • English C1 (IELTS Academic certification, 2018)
  • German B2/C1 (Test DaF certification, 2014)
  • Catalá B1

Professional preferences

I would like to contribute to solutions in one or more of these areas, with a focus on applications for the Social Good:

  • Smart Grids and Smart Cities
  • Network Science and Distributed Applications
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Data-Intensive Applications

I wish to get better at doing applied research and possibly, to develop an academic path from there. I will gladly consider positions that encourage this on their career paths.

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