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At first I was not sure what I was going to write here. The first thing I wrote, however, is that I'm okay now. I'm swimming at least three times per week, I get to meet friends at least once per week. I learn stuff every day. I get to love others and I'm being loved every day.

What I am working on

I'm currently working as a software developer in the Center for the Advanced Research on Education or (CIAE). I'm doing mostly backend development, but we are working in interesting projects!

  • We are teaching Data Science and Advanced Analytics to people from the public sector. It's challenging but I'm having a lot of fun doing it.
  • We are finishing the development of a web application that gathers data and displays visualizations and custom metrics about the education sector at a block level. It will be used across the country and we hope it will help decision makers face important problems more efficiently.
  • We are building a data pipeline that will allow us to grow for the future.

What I am learning

I'm not very well disciplined with my reading, but here is what I am reading and learning at the moment:

The future

Next year will be fun. I will move to Barcelona with my girlfriend and I will start a Master in Research in Informatics in the Universidad Politécnica de Catalunya. I'm really excited about it!