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Mon 01 January 2024
The Pinochet-Rettig dataset, Revisited
Sat 02 September 2023
Python and Docker
Mon 03 July 2023
Pyenv, Poetry and Pipx: three python tools to rule them all
Mon 03 July 2023
Using dbt, fal and novu for forecasting pipelines
Sun 12 March 2023
Pelican (and personal) update
Sat 01 January 2022
Hug a rock today
Wed 09 September 2020
Modeling the Pinochet Dataset using Neo4j
Wed 28 August 2019
Plotting traffic maps in Barcelona
Thu 14 March 2019
Dumping postgres databases with Docker
Mon 03 December 2018
Using psycopg2 for your postgres needs
Sat 24 November 2018
Flask contexts (And how to use them)
Fri 20 October 2017
On getting started with Jekyll