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I ran a 10k race and I've lost some weight. I am also participating in the Colla de Castellers de la Vila de Gracia, making human castles. Overall, living in Barcelona has been really fun and cool, and I have little to worry about.

What I am working on

I'm still working as a software developer in the Center for the Advanced Research on Education or (CIAE). I will stop in August, with the intention to dedicate full time to my studies. Maybe I can handle working and studying at the same time, but if there's no need then I don't want to.

What I am learning

I am currently going through the tutorial (Or is it a course?) on Microservices with Flask and Docker. It's really fun, I've filled a lot of gaps. I also can fill gaps in the material with what I've learnt, which is also good. I am also learning Catalá, and reading introductory books to topics I find interesting. I find Oxford's very short introductions very appealing.

The future

I will start a Master in Research in Informatics here at the Universidad Politécnica de Catalunya. I'm really excited about it! I will try to take part in projects related to Smart Grids and Data Science.

I am also expecting results of a scholarship I applied to. If everything goes right, I won't have to worry about money for the next years, which would be awesome.