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I did the Camino Primitivo de Santiago recently. It was great! What else? I'm running into my third semester. Everything looks fun, and I am trying really hard to understand statistics from the bottom up, for the n-th time. I am reading more, although not much as I'd like to. I have not done any castell since ages, and it's likely that that will stay like that until the next year. Who knows.

The covid situation has made everything strange, so I'm sorry if this reads a bit gloomy.

What I am doing now

Right now I have a bunch of loose projects laying around. I am doing a short internship with a professor, helping him with some small tasks, and I should be done by the end of the month.

The future

I want to find a final master project that I regard as meaningful. That is, something that is fun and it will help people, and probably that depends on me, in how I frame things. We will see, since I have to do this project anyways.