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I finished my master's degree! I worked hard and it paid off in the end. A lot of time has passed since I arrived to Barcelona, and I went back to Chile to visit my family and friends for the holidays. I visited old friends I've made over the years, places I've lived in and landscapes that were familiar to me somewhere in the past. I drove all along Valle del Elqui and hiked (sort of) to the top (or almost) of the Osorno volcano, around my hometown. I also participated in the recent presidential elections and I'm hopeful about the future of chilean politics. I have been trying linocuts and I got myself a new tattoo. I swam a race in the ocean.

What else can I say? I have rediscovered many things with new eyes. I feel refreshed and happy, and I'm ready for whatever the next thing is.

What I am doing now

I'm looking for a job! I'm looking to work as a data scientist in urban development, mobility and energy, and/or as an artificial intelligence engineer. A dream job would be where I get to assist with and/or do some research in these topics. Hit me with any offer you have! I am open for remote work from Barcelona, and I don't have a work permit so we would have to sort that out. If you are from Chile, I'd love to hear from you too!.

In the meantime I will get back to my portfolio. I have lots of projects I did during the master's and others that I have on hold.

The future

I'm not sure. Finding a way to do interesting and meaningful (and paid) work now is my top priority. I also hope to get back to train with the colla of castellers de Gràcia in Barcelona, and to do more linocuts and other artsy things.