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(This is a now page, and it is inspired by Derek Sivers and many others.)

I'm still in Barcelona. I started a position as a Software Developer/Data Engineer at Som Energia. It's an amazing place to work and I'm learning a lot about data architectures. I'm also learning a lot about the energy sector and the cooperative movement, which is something I would like to entertain further in Chile, eventually. I also get to improve my horrible Catalan skills every day and I'm starting to get the hang of it.


I'm back to swimming after a shoulder injury. I missed it so much. Hopefully I can join a competition before the end of the year. I feel more tired than ever.

What I am doing now

I learned how to skate! I'm probably that lame not-so-young-guy at the skate park that is afraid of speed, but skating takes all of my focus and I find it awesome. I'm also learning rust because it feels like a second chance to learn C properly. What else? I'm still going slow at that linocut project I had in mind. I've also done some puzzles and I've had tons of fun and not so much of sleep.

There's not much going on besides work, but I'm okay.

The future

It's hard to tell. For now the idea is to take care of myself and my family, save money, and try to have fun. I'm not sure what else to do.